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VFW Post 7327


By entering this facility and purchasing bingo paper, you agree and understand that Springfield VFW Post 7327 & Greater Springfield Volunteer Fire Department are not responsible for those who contract COVID-19 or any other illness. You also agree that participation in bingo is at your own risk.

Bingo Reopening Rules/Procedures

Until Further Notice

Entry, Screening, and Safety

Entry Screening 

and Safety

  • You will be screened at the door before entry to the bingo hall. This screening will include:
    • Contactless temperature check/
    • Covid-19 Screening questions
  • No entry permitted if 2 of these symptoms occur:
    • Cough, fever (greater than 100.4), chills, nausea/vomiting, headache, sore throat, congestion, loss of smell/taste, and diarrhea
  • Patrons will be required to wear masks the entire night, including when picking up your order and using the restroom. Mask can be off when eating, but please do not eat all night.
  • 2 chairs per table at opposite ends to practice social distancing for patrons.
  • You must practice 6 feet social distancing at all times.
  • Hand sanitizer will be placed in various spots in the hall

Ordering Bingo Paper

  • Pick up a numbered order form and proceed to an open seat (available seats will be marked)
  • Complete the sheet with your bingo paper order and sign (PRINT YOUR NAME). Drop it in designated box and return to your seat until your name is called
  • When your name is called pick up your bingo paper and pay the cashier

Additional Rules

  • There are no reserved seats for the time being
  • Chairs shall not be moved under any circumstances
  • Pick 7 – Random #’s only (temporarily)
  • Pull tab sales only by volunteers on the floor with gloves and masks
  • Single jackpot sheets must be bought upfront & will not be sold on the floor
  • Anyone who goes outside will need their hand stamped for reentry
  • No Coffee/Ice, nor use of the microwave until further notice
  • You may bring your own food, drinks and ice
  • You may also order food. You must meet the delivery person outside of the hall
  • Family member(s) or friend(s) arriving to pick you up will not be permitted in the hall

Jackpot twice weekly Notification


Big Package (12 faces/early birds and regular session ) 12 ON 19 UP
Regular Package (3 faces/early birds and regular session ) 3 ON 19 UP
Regular Package (3 faces/regular session only) 3 ON 13 UP
Bonanza Progressive  1 ON
Bonanza Trade-In (turn in 1 card and get 2 cards for $1.00) 1  ON
Solid White and Solid Pink Jackpots (not in books – 6 faces) 6 ON
Extra Jackpots  (3 faces) 3 ON
Red, White & Blue Progressive  (not in books – 6 faces) 6 ON
Extra Red, White & Blue Progressive  (3 faces) 3 ON
Extra Solid Green Progressive  (not in books – 6 faces) 6 ON
Extra Green Progressive (3 faces) 3 ON
ick 7
Per Package
Single Book
Single Book
Per Card
Per 2 Cards
Per Sheet
Per Sheet
Per Sheet
Per Sheet
Per Sheet
Per Sheet
  EARLY BIRDS – Starts at 7:00 PM 
1-6ALL Double BingosBlue Border, Orange Border, Green Border,Yellow Border, Pink Border, Gray Border$100.00
7Solid Green 

 Block of 8  Cover in __??__ numbers for prize of  (No FREE Space)

Consolation prize $100

REGULAR SESSION – Starts at Approximately 7:45 PM First Half
1Olive Border4 Corners and Postage Stamp$100.00
2Brown BorderDouble Bingo$100.00
3Red BorderSingle Bingo$100.00
4(continue)Kite (in any direction)$100.00
5Purple BorderDouble Bingo$100.00
6Black BorderInside or Outside corners$100.00
7(continue)Letter X$100.00
8Solid WhiteJACKPOT (Coverall)$500.00
9Aqua BorderInside Picture Frame$100.00
10Blue StripeSingle Bingo$100.00
60(continue)Double Bingo$100.00
12Red, White & Blue4 Postage Stamps in ?? numbers or less for a prize or Consolation prize $100.00PROGRESSIVE
(5 )DOOR PRIZES @ 10.00 each (Coupon)      –      INTERMISSION (Approx 10 minutes)
13Orange StripeTriple Bingo with Wild Number   (Numbers ending in 7 including “7” are free)$100.00
14Pick 7Pick 7 numbers in ?? numbers or less for a prize of a prize Consolation Prize of $100PROGRESSIVE
15Green StripeDouble Bingo$100.00
16Yellow StripeSingle Bingo$100.00
17(continue)Double Bingo$100.00
18Pink StripeLetter L             (OUTSIDE CORNERS FREE)$100.00
19BONANZACOVERALL in ??  numbers or less for a prize or Consolation prize $100. Frist 45 numbers provided on alternate board.PROGRESSIVE
20Gray StripeDouble Bingo$100.00
21Olive StripeSix Pack            (FREE SPACE INCLUDED)$100.00
22(continue)Block of Nine$100.00
23Solid PinkJACKPOT (COVERALL)$500.00